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Wild Hope Art of the subconscious

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Wild Hope
  • Art of the subconscious
  • By JoAnne Helfert Sullam
  • Hardcover, Dust Jacket
  • Linen cover with full-color dust jacket and flaps
  •  Small Square, 7×7 in, 18×18 cm
  • Print Book, 30 Pages

    About the Book

    Wild Hope: Art of the Subconscious, is a journey of the mind and spirit which looks deep inside the artist and examines her works with a mixture of dreams, hope and faith.

    The collection of works are as varied as thoughts themselves, allowing for a deeper perception of life and creativity with each page turned, breathing life into once blank canvasses and setting each page free with color and vibrancy.

    Read through and enjoy the thoughts of the author as much as the artwork she has created and allow yourself a few moments of quiet reflection or a bit longer to soak up the nuances in each piece.

    Wild Hope: Art of the Subconscious will take you to a more profound and multi-layered world of art, which will provide you with a timeless taste of something that is not always readily available in other works.

    Language English