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Evolution of a Wild Heart

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Dyslexic disclaimer: If you ever wondered why I sometimes have typos it is because this artist is dyslexic! However I don't always have some one to poof read my writing. So if you see a typo say so and I will thank you for it!!

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JoAnne’s extraordinary passion and work in the wildlife is reflected with full depths of understanding and essence when translated into her art work. To see her paintings up close and in person you feel the essence of the animals along with their spirit. In meeting with JoAnne you gain a sense of the compassion she carries within her which transcends onwards to others. I own one of her art works and it brings me much pleasure when viewing it throughout the day, The Great Horned Owl watches over me.


I worked with JoAnne on a public art project, "Hors'n Around Saugerties," for which she created a video of the artists who were creating pieces for display. Additionally, she worked on two pieces of her own. She accomplished both the video and her own artwork and was an enthusiastic and helpful colleague in this all-volunteer event.


The best nature artist and  animal activist in the USA.  Do yourself a favor and look at her website , magnificent!