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Evolution of a Wild Heart

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  This powerful memoir details the journey of an artist through an emotional metamorphosis, which allows her to see herself not through her own eyes, but through the eyes of wild animals. Raising, freeing, and painting portraits of wild animals has fostered and galvanized a connection between JoAnne and the animals whose lives she helps to shape.

These memoirs detail experiences from the age of five—through self-discovery, deception, self-doubt, and loneliness—through adulthood when things became much clearer. This journey takes the reader through the chrysalis that made evolution, understanding, and love possible for herself.

    Her struggles to find freedom from overwhelming internal adversity and an intense desire to belong drove her to find answers in nature. This butterfly has gotten her wings and she wishes to share her journey with other wild hearts that struggled under the pressure of being tamed. When she turned to nature for answers, she found a stark difference in the true nature of animals and what she had been taught about them. She soon realized that very thing about herself.


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