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Raven magic

I had a friend named DanteMe and Dante sharing a love of art

We worked together and sometimes we would  just hang out and I break out the sketchbook, pencils clay and he would pose for me for a drawing and even a sculpture that, I have yet to finish. He would hover over the work, then examine the art with a curious art critic's eye.


He was fascinated by everything around him.He would rip papers and out of my very expensive art book. He would talk when he felt like it and I would try to understand what he was saying as he rambled on.

He was smart and funny and knew how to have fun. He either like you or he didn't. I was the lucky one because he like me and would sit on my shoulder and play with my hair and gab away.

Raven Magic
Acrylic and silver leaf on watercolor paper 9" x 12"


We did TV shows and photo shoots and education programs together. He danced and shredded papers at Lincoln Center and people laughed. What a star he was!

 When I went to Yellowstone park I came across two Raven's who didn't seem to notice me. So I sat on a rock and for a little awhile, watched and became lost in their world, as the two wild Raven's passed a piece of used  gum they had found back and forth.

It was like they found a piece of gold and were so amazed by this fine that they could not decide who should have it. I didn't know how to get the gum from them or if I should even try. Knowing Dante for so long I knew I did not have a chance to try and take it away so I just watched, hoping they would  just leave it and they did and moved on to other things left behind by people.

I thought of Dante and how magical these birds are and how very lucky I was to know one personally. I left with the hope that the land they live in stayed vast and would hold only natures beauty and man's respect and gum free.

 Thanks for the memories Dante my favorite raven. 


                             Dante and my on a photo shoot.



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