Thanks and Giving

Thanks and Giving
for the Holidays
I wake up every day and start the day with gratitude,
knowing that life is a gift. 
This gift is largely forgotten with everyone's long “to do” lists. 
The hectic schedules of modern day life has no time for reflection, but it should.
 To give thanks and gratitude for all you have and all the love in your life
can be one of the most important things to do everyday. 

24" x 24 "
Acrylic on canvas
I used to be the person who jumped out of bed in the morning already worried that I wouldn’t get everything done that I thought I needed to do. 
I’m glad I’m not like that anymore.
Because even when I don’t feel well, giving gratitude helps me enjoy the tiniest things that maybe I wouldn’t notice otherwise or appreciate.
It could be a sunny day, a masterpiece of music from my playlist or the sweet song sparrow who sings with pure joy outside my window. It is the days when I hold a paintbrush in my hand in a blank canvas on my easel and excitement for what I could create. It is a warm cup of tea who steamy waves dances up for my cup, warming my insides on a cold winter's day. 
It is all the little simple things and the good people in life that make that I give thanks and gratitude. For the life I have even with all its difficulties I want to send out love to everyone and everything.
Even to those who may be sometimes be so... annoying.
It may sound like a corny thing to do, but it works. 
Sending good vibes to those undeserving annoying people. It's great because it can release you of any anger or disappointment that you might be feeling. It could even give you empathy or a new understanding of someone else’s point of view.
At the very least, you could be cosmically helping that person be a better or have a better day by sending them good wishes and in turn you could be saving the world from that persons bitter side. 
For Thanksgiving whether you spend it alone or with the family can be the start a new day and a new year even a new era of giving thanks and gratitude; for the food on the table, the roof overhead and someone or something to love whether it’s a person pet or just being grateful for our beautiful planet.
Wishing you a wonderful Holiday.
xo JoAnne

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