Squirrelly Wisdom


In my book Evolution of a Wild Heart I tell the tale of my wild child

Chi-Chi, a laughing determined squirrel who helped me move forward when I was stuck.

it was not doing as well as she had hoped.

In this tumultuous troubled time this is no surprise.

While looking out at the bird feeder the squirrel offered me its magical wisdom…

let things happen and go with the flow.

No, it is not as glamorous as a lion but much more effective in my opinion.

Squirrel symbolism is tied to energy and useful in hard times when you feel emotionally drained.

Say you put up a bird feeder to see all the beautiful birds.

You desire to feed the birds NOT the Squirrels!

Yet this can be very hard to do.


Because the Squirrel is persistent and resourceful!

It uses its intrinsic energy and clearly never gives up.

Eventually the Squirrel will find a way around the obstacles encountered along its path.

Anyone who tried to keep these determined animals away from their bird feeder knows this point very well.

Lesson learned.

Relaxing the mind can help with problem solving.

Squirrels are playful as they are collecting nuts.

They teach us to balance work with fun and learn not to take things too seriously.

Squirrels could be the reason why the birds you long to see come to the feeder in the first place.

The birds observe the squirrel’s behavior just as the squirrel observes the birds.

It is a symbiotic relationship in nature that we can adopt.

The lesson here is…

We can all help each other rather than going it alone.

Keeping this in mind may help when trying to do what seems impossible.

To be like a Squirrel make your work your play and never give up.

Call a friend, have a laugh; you can find a way to thrive, even in hard times.

Love nature!

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Artist, Author conservationist, wildlife rehabilitator. JoAnne Helfert Sullam Award winning work has been featured in the New York Times, who’s who in America.

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