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Solitude to creative

Alone is not always a bad thing it gives us time to think and create.

Solitude: this original work of art is in my collection. I could not bare to part with it. It is now part of my new book; Wild Hope Art of the subconscious.

The work is about the time we spend with ourselves.

A quote from the book Wild Hope Art of the subconscious.

"However alone, as one make there way in this immersed filled world we are part of everything, yet at times feel isolated, as the night heron alone in the cool waters interlace yet separate from ones surrounding. It is inevitable to feel this way. Lonely and alone this unobtrusive era of life nourishes my sense of self. I was born alone in the womb. Now I am the womb."JoAnne Helfert Sullam

With love, JoAnne

The Giclee on canvas because I still love to share one of my most beloved.



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