Sharing Sunsets with Seagulls

The sun is sinking away below the ocean waves in a blaze of colors.

At this moment I can feel the earth breathing in harmony.

I watch the seagull as he watches the sunsets
I know the peace he feels in his heart at this moment; I can see It in his eyes and body language.
 It mimic mines as I walk the same path on the shore.
I had longed to part of the soothing sanctuary in the sand.
Then I am.  
 As if I was a lamp plugged into an outlet I am connected to the light and  power that comes from a source unknown to my mind yet, familiar to my beating heart.
It is beating with the sounds of life.
I am in balanced and I can feel myself shine with its rhythm.
As I leave this place of harmony like a salty breeze though my hair a thought passes though me, soft and uniting of emotions.
It whispers; Stay forever.
It wants to be one with this earth with life, with time.
I think a reply; I will in spirit.
I make a promise.
It is what I will not be; a parasite on this earth, consuming everything in sight.
Instead I will live in tune with this beautiful place that gives me breath, and sustains my life and the lives of the ones I love.
Like the waves in the ocean, I will move to and fro with purpose.
I vow to give back all that I take and leaving  a sweetness and soft clean sand for others to walk on and share with the ones they love.
As my breath comes and goes I give only love.
To the seagulls and all of nature in and around us let's be love by all.
xo JoAnne Helfert Sullam

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