Making a wave

I stay up late often to paint; Alone in my studio, with the music too loud for the darkness outside, I work until the wee hours of the morning and panic as the soft light streams in. Then drawn to it like the many moths I  find in the woods to the  light outside my door, not able to resist. I walk out into the cool misty air and down to the water, now its a pond, once it was the ocean that I walk to.

I breath in deep as I stood tired in awe of one of the most spectacular events of the day. The sunrise.The sun setting is the other and one I hardly miss.
What I love most about these late night adventures is the breakdown of my conscious mind that has all these rules about everything including painting and although it is hard to work when my body wants to sleep, I don't let it and at midnight I reluctantly pull out my blank and stark white canvas.
What happens is pure magic for me as it did with the painting ocean wave.
I found the ocean in the abstraction of my subconscious and the layering of color that felt new and exciting. It kept me going though the night and when I woke the next day I jumped out of bed to see if it was real and was happy to find it was not just a dream.


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