Finding your inner wisdom with a Shamanic Journey

 Self-empowerment at a whole new level.


Shamanic Journey.

Working with wildlife and spending time in nature I learned how to live better and have happier more peaceful days filled with gratitude.
But something was still missing and that’s when I met Rosemarie Ceraso (Na’Shee) “One Who Knows”, a name given her as an initiate into shaman teachings and knowledge.  Rosemarie is a powerful facilitator of ancient knowledge which she shares with others to assist in their personal evolution and healing.
Her Warriorship series using the ancient art of Shamanism offered me a wealth of knowledge, and assisted by my own Animal Guides, has taken me to a new level of understanding. It has made my Life’s journey more meaningful! 
I’m excited and honored to introduce Rosemarie in this amazing course on

Shamanic Journey...

Rosemarie has traveled to remote areas studying with and initiated by powerful healers and shamans. And for over 35 years has been guiding people on their own paths to self-empowerment. She uses the ancient art of journeying to guide people into realms many have never entered before, where they can discover the pieces of their own life puzzle. This is her first on-line self-guided course.
Hope to see you there, xo Jo

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