Elephant walking me back in time

It was my second year in college and I was taking a new drawing class.
On the first day pencil in hand, eraser waiting in the wings ready to wipe my mistakes from my paper.
Wouldn't it be great if life was like that.
Oops do over!
But in life and the Cher song you can't turn back time or can you erase what you did.
So I sat eagerly awaiting my new teacher and the magic of drawing, I was sure to learn.
He came in with a smile and his little pep talk.
OK good so far...but then Oh no Mr. Bill!
We can only use pen and ink? For the whole year? No pencil, no eraser?
No ripping out the page of our drawing book that will be handed in and graded.
I went home with my head down and decided I would hate this class.
Time marched on with ink stains hands and to my amazement it turned out to be my favored class.
Did you ever start out that way, hating then loving something?
It wasn't the first time this happened.
I hated pea soup as a kid but then loved it as an adult!
Go figure.
It been awhile since I put the pen in my hand and ink out a story, but the walking Elephant help me to remember how much I love it.  
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xo Jo
Dyslexic disclaimer: If you ever wondered why I sometimes have typos it is because this artist is dyslexic and loves to write!
However I don't always have some one to poof read my writing work. So if you see a typo say so and I will thank you for it!!

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