A study of the subconscious

  As an artist, I strive to clarify thoughts and observations and dive into abstractions of creativity.

Wild Hope ~ Art of the subconscious my latest book is a collection of work and a deeper look into where the creative inspiration comes from, where it leads, and how we are subject to a collective conscious, our own history, and the very large role the subconscious plays.

We cannot always explain where our ideas come from and what it means to us, as beings.When I am creating art and flowing,I can get lost and time is irrelevant.

 I am in a creative trance; I hear this from other artists, not just visual artists. Musicians and performers experience the same thing, and I guess everyone has a moment of being lost to a waking dream world.  For an artist, this is a very good thing to happen. I know, at those times, I am in the zone and tapping into something profound and real.

It lead me to this idea of crossing over and tapping into another medium and transferring it to visual works of art. Music to canvas was behind the painting
“Hope and Pink mood Monday” and other works. It led me to writing the book Wild Hope Art of the subconscious, and now, I am giving a workshop on the subject.
 Visual rhythms is what I call it, and I want to help others explore their favorite pieces of music and turn them into visual works of art. It is a form of art therapy and a deep connection to oneself and the collective subconscious.
Can you imagine what your favorite song would look like? Come join me and find out.  Click here for more info on the The Woodstock Workshop
May all your dreams come true.
with love,

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