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Renew your spirit with a renowned artist’s stories of finding hope in unique animal encounters.

About the book and author

One of modern America’s gifted wildlife artists, JoAnne Helfert Sullam has created fine oil/acrylic paintings of animals and landscapes that have been featured in the New York Times and have received special Congressional recognition. But her beautiful images actually only hint at the full depth of her deep connection to nature.

Now, in her candid and compelling memoir, Evolution of a Wild Heart, JoAnne reveals how a lifetime of observing and caring for birds, deer, a racoon, wolf and other creatures has brought her closer to not only the natural world but also her true self. She also offers readers ways they, too, can let nature spark a powerful inner transformation.

Little about JoAnne’s childhood suggested her future as an accomplished artist and naturalist. Growing up in an impoverished Brooklyn neighborhood, she didn’t have easy access to nature. She struggled with a learning disability in school and was unfairly stigmatized —a “misfit” status she eagerly embraced for a time.

But encounter after encounter with unforgettable animals gradually led her to discover her life’s purpose and the peace she’d found so elusive. JoAnne introduces readers to some of her most important animal guides: the lowly caterpillar on a tomato leaf who gave her a glimpse of her inner beauty… the laughing squirrel who taught her about letting go… the wild loon whose unexpected nap on her at the beach helped her experience new levels of calm, trust… and more.

As readers follow JoAnne on her journey from negative thinking and emotional turmoil to tranquility and self-assurance, they’ll discover how the wisdom she’s gleaned from painting and conserving the animal kingdom can lead them to create the best possible versions of themselves.

Evolution of a Wild Heart is a book for anyone seeking serenity in these troubled times. It’s an inspiring guide to finding joy and hope in the world around us, and to falling back in love with life and ourselves.